Fair, honest, open, mature, knowledgeable and people-focused

Client Testimonial

I have worked with Anthony for a number of years now, firstly as a candidate, then as a recruiting manager – my experience of the former providing clear evidence of his ability to deliver on the latter.

On a professional level I have been struck by how well he is able to take a brief and the speed and efficiency with which he will field high calibre candidates. I know I can rely on Anthony to find me the best CVs for any given role, no matter how challenging the brief and he has an usually high conversion rate of CVs to interviews. He is generally the first person to whom I turn with any new requirements as I know I will have to set out the brief only once and that the CVs will come in quickly and with a high hit rate.

On a personal level I have always found Anthony to be fair, honest, open, mature, knowledgeable and people-focused. He is in a very small minority of recruiters whose calls I will willingly take.

Cloud ERP Programme Manager
(Full details available on request)